The Nobodies Album - Carolyn Parkhurst

After reading the book, "The Nobodies Album", I instantly fell in love with Carolyn Parkhurst's writing and wanted to read all of her other books. 


The Nobodies Album is a wonderful book about a bestselling novelist Octavia Frost. She has just finished her latest book, a novel in which she has rewritten the last chapters of all her previous books and removed any clues about her personal life. Especially the horrible tragedy that happened in her family. As she was taking the manuscript to her editor, she sees on the news that her son,Milo, a famous musician was being arrested for accusation for the murder of his girlfriend. 


Throughout the book, in random parts, the endings of the other books that Octavia Frost wrote appears. This is one of my favorite parts about the book because of its uniqueness.


Although the endings of those stories are wonderful, the actual story line of the book is just as good. Octavia goes around New York trying to find her son and to find out what the real story is. She meets a lot of Milo's friends, and finds out about a past she never knew about and realizes how distant she has been with her son. 


She continues to have flash backs of her very traumatic tragedy that happened in her family years ago, and decides whether or not she wants to continue to write or not.